Everything You Need To Know About Beard Oil


Everything You Need to Know About Beard Oil.” Whether you’re a beard specialist or a beginner in facial hair care, this comprehensive article is your go-to resource. Explore beard oil from its ingredients to application techniques, as we unveil the secrets to a well-nourished and healthy beard. Dive into the realm of grooming mastery, where every drop of beard oil holds the key to a healthier, more manageable facial mane. It’s time to transform your beard care routine, and it all starts with getting familiar with “Everything You Need to Know About Beard Oil.”

What is Beard oil?

Beard oil is a product that aims to maintain, moisturize, revitalize and care for a healthy beard and skin.

Beard oil is just a mixture of oils – carriers and staple foods, each with a specific purpose, e.g; moisturize, prevent fungal infections, reduce itching, add fragrance, promote growth and much more again.

 The benefits of beard oil go beyond caring for your beard. It also nourishes the skin of the face.

 You have to remember that healthy skin means a healthy beard.

Why is beard oil so important?

To maintain a healthy beard with a moistured skin.

When should you start using beard oil?

Before we talk about when to use beard oil, there is a brief introduction to how we make our skin and hair.

 In particular, we have to focus on the sebaceous glands. These glands are found in the skin and produce sebum oil, which is responsible for the lubrication of hair and skin.

These glands can be found anywhere in our body except on the palms and soles of the feet.

The problem with the sebaceous glands is that they are small and the amount of sebum they can produce is limited.

As the beard grows, there is an excessive need for more sebum in the glands to ensure that the entire length of the new hair is covered. The sebaceous glands can only produce a certain amount, which means that the length of the whisker dries without food.

A lack of beard oil leads to bad things:

● You will really feel the famous itchy beard.

● Your skin becomes dry and flaky

● Your beard will be brittle and curly

Beard oil content

 Beard oil is very simple, it contains a mixture of two types of oils:

 ~ 95% carrier oil

 ~ 5% essential oil

 Depending on the price and quality, different beard oils have different amounts and types of oils. Some essential oils can cost up to $ 900 an ounce.

Carrier oil

 About 95% of the composition of beard oil consists of carrier oils.

 Carrier oils often have a mild, nourishing aroma and each carrier oil has different therapeutic properties.

 In addition, carrier oils play an important role and act as an ideal dilution medium (essential oils are very volatile). When mixed with essential oils, they are applied to the skin.

Some of the most commonly used carrier oils are:

● Jojoba oil: similar to the natural oil in our skin: sebum. Ideal for moistening and reducing the beard.

● Argan oil: rich in vitamin E, moisturizes, revitalizes and repairs damaged skin.

● Almond oil: light oil, rich in monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, proteins and zinc. 

Ideal for hair growth and protecting the skin from UV rays.

Essential Oils

 In addition to their incredible therapeutic properties, they are responsible for the aroma of beard oil. They are the ones who add perfume.

 They can irritate the skin if used undiluted and in large quantities. They therefore only make up 5% of the mixture.

 Popular essential oils are lavender, rose, tea tree, cedar and many others.

Everything You Need To Know About Beard Oil

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